In case you have ever wondered, here is the British ranking. Royalty: the Monarch and her family; Aristocracy -- Peers: Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons; "Lesser" honors: Baronets and Knights; Esquires; Gentlemen (the idea of a British Gentleman is hard to define, but it has something to do with wealth and idleness); and commoner.

Note that one can be a royal and not an aristocrat. Two of the Queen’s three sons are Dukes (Charles, Duke of Cornwall and also of Rothesay; Andrew, Duke of York), the Queen’s daughter is a Knight ("Sir" Anne, Most Noble Order of the Garter), but Edward (the youngest) is not titled at all. Princess Anne is fond of saying of her children, who have no titles, "They’re nothing special, their grandmother just happens to be the Queen."