Seminary Papers:

A selection of Eric Messelt's seminary papers (in no particular order) -

  • PersonalEvangelismStrategy (Spring 2006) - A treatment of my how I best declare the gospel
  • Virtue Ethics (Spring 2006) - A lesson plan on "Virtue Ethics" as an ethical model for Christians
  • Korah's Rebellion (Summer 2006) - Eric helps you understand the significance of Korah's sin and how it became redemptive
  • New Testament Canon (Spring 2007) - What books ought to be in the New Testament?
  • Obadiah 15 (Summer 2007) - Eric deals with the obscure book of Obadiah
  • Restoration-Revitalization of Local Churches (Summer 2007) - What's the best way to approach the task of getting a church back on track?
  • Small Church Restoration (Summer 2007) - A narrative of a small church restoration
  • God, Man, and Sin (Summer 2007) - How are people like God and what is sin?
  • Big Doctrinal Statement (Fall 2007) - The full-blown, overly complicated, mostly believed, statement of the sometimes incomprehensible matters of general theology
  • The Incredibles (Spring 2008) - A review of the movie, "The Incredibles" and how it is a redemptive influence
  • "Visualcy" (Spring 2008) - How can Christians engage with our visual culture for the common good?
  • Set In Order(Summer 2008) - a different way to look at the epistle to Titus
  • All these papers are in Microsoft Word format and extensively footnoted. They are probably best read by opening up the file and then printing off the paper to be read offline.