Messelt News - 2005


Here are some news highlights for the Messelts of Tumwater:
January 2005
Emmanuel Baptist Church ("EBC") begins search for new Associate Pastor
Install new closets for house
Barb has traffic infraction hearing - she was pulled over for having out-of-date *California* tags ... sheeshe!
February 2005
Eric invited to play with church worship team
Eric and Barb attend Super Bowl party with new small group; what a great group of people!
Eric's sister, Gretchen has sold her house and Marian goes to visit for a week to help Gretchen run a garage sale and pack up
Theo turns eight!!! and hosts an overnight for his new Tumwater buddies
March 2005
Barb, after working extensively with EBC's Women's ministry, attends the Women's Retreat
OK, so it turns out that nearly all the guys in our small group are motorcycle riders; the biggest piece of advice I received before I left California was to concentrate on building relationships. So, using some of that California house sale equity, Eric 'bit the bullet' and bought ... sigh ... a motorcycle
Eric teaches on Christian conflict resolution and reconciliation
Irene's Birthday - now legal to drive!
Barb's Birthday
April 2005
Messelt Vacation!...
Irene travels to visit friends in California
...Rest of family boards Amtrak train #11 in Lacey, Washington Union Station in Los Angeles
Family goes to San Diego to see the Zoo
We all visit old friends in "So-Cal"
May 2005
Eric attends seminar for local church-level "Re-Focusing" in Dallas and meets old friends from March '04 Pasadena 'personal' re-focusing
Eric's work assigns him to a second project located near Kansas City, Kansas and flies to work site
Irene runs for, and wins, the office of Junior Class president over a Washington native. Irene is a bit scary!
Eric rides with other group members around Anderson Island
June 2005
Marian, exercising her own contacts, gets her first 'real' job at Black Lake Bible Camp, located about three miles from our house, as Prep-Cook and begins residency
Eric takes second trip to Kansas City
Irene leaves for California for three week vacation week at Hume Lake week "hangin' out" in SoCal wit' her 'homies' week with CBC's youth group at water ski trip
Eric, Barb, and Theo take driving trip:
Olympia, Seattle, to Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver to Kamloops, B.C.
Kamloops to Revelstoke, B.C.
Revelstoke over Rockies through Banff to Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Heritage Museum, through the U.S. Border (where the Border guards quizzed Theo on whether we were really his parents) to Shelby, Montana
Shelby through Glacier National Park (wow!) to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Coeur d'Alene through Spokane (River Front Park), Eric's father's church, Grand Coulee Dam, to Wenatchee, Washington
Wenatchee through Steven's Pass to visit friends in Monroe, then overnight in Edmonds
Seattle Center, Theo to top of Space Needle
July 2005
Marian turns 19
Eric joins with other guys in church group at tail end of three day motorcycle ride see Deception Pass, Port Townsend, "Fat Smitty's"
Messelts host Doug Humpherys and family as they are on a support team formation trip through the Northwest; Doug is coming on staff with CRM
Humpherys to Percival Landing
Humpherys on Capitol Building tour
August 2005
It does get warm in the summer in Washington; we install air conditioning
September 2005
We celebrate our first Washington anniversary
Eric, Barb, and Theo attend Biola Alumni sponsored night at Seattle Mariner's baseball game
Based on bribe offered to Irene, we buy her a car
Eric rides to Mount Saint Helens with other church motorcyclists
Eric rides to Hurricane Ridge with EBC Riders
Eric facilitates Focused Living Retreat for small group members; Doug Humpherys comes up from San Diego to help
October 2005
Barb attends "Women of Faith" conference
Irene goes to Homecoming
The writing is on the wall, with both projects completed at work, and no word of any others in the pipeline, Eric expects to be laid off; if Eric is going to be out of work for an extended period of time, why not make it intentional?....
Eric and Barb visit Western Seminary; yep, if Eric's going to be out of work and he's feeling a call to vocational ministry, maybe it's time to go to seminary
We celebrate one year in new house!
Barb attends Awana conference
Harvest Festival at church - you can always tell the relative success of these events by the feeling of chaos swirling around you; kids and candy are a powerful force!
November 2005
Eric gets the word, laid off - thanks for all the fish!; That's confirmation enough, Eric prepares his application to Western Seminary and sends it in
Eric attends "Western Access," an organized open house day at Western Seminary; attends class, meets other student wanna-bes, chats with staff, and checks on the status of his application
Eric attends two-day conference, "Christian Musicians Summit" held at Overlake Christian church in Redmond - wow! what a great experience!  However, Eric remarks, "I realized that it was a musician's summit; compared to these guys, I'm just a guitar 'operator'!"
Barb sets up booth at local Craft Fair in hopes of developing relationships with other artists in the area; she specializes in jewelry and Marian comes along
Eric gets word - he's accepted to Western Seminary's M.Div. program!!
We celebrate Thanksgiving with Eric's sister, Gretchen, and other friends; afterwards, Barb brings out the crafting clay and things are made!
Wow! Messelts get snow!!!  [pictorial - uses PowerPoint]
December 2005
Eric and Barb attend local CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) Christmas party
Eric takes Theo to Olympia "Toy Run" to see all the different motorcycles. It's wet that day so "only" 4,000 bikers show up
As news of Eric's start of seminary percolates through the world (?!), old high-school friends insist that Eric stay overnight at their place in Portland to avoid the drive back to Olympia at 10PM - wow! Now that's support for future ministry!
We finish up the Focused Leaders program for the Emmanuel group - a great time for watching God work strongly in people's lives!
First meeting with Eric's faculty adviser, Dr. Carl Laney, and many great insights about seminary shared
Barb and Eric help friend Julie move
Barb and Eric see "Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe" - very well done!
Eric gets Food Handler certificate so that he can help with Homeless feeding ministry
Family goes to visit Seversons for Christmas party
Jesus' Birthday!
Dinner with old high school friends, Newkirks and Hayes
Help friends Bolehs' move

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