Irene is currently attending Biola University and is in the Torrey Honors program there.

Irene can also be found on facebook.

Here's a blast from Irene's past...

My name is Irene Messelt and I am in third grade and I am 9 years old. I have a super teacher and her name is Mrs. McConell. Whenever everyone in our class is here for five days our class gets to PARTY!

Our class is up to division in math. It's realy simple. My teacher is fun to be with even if she does YELL at us for being noisy.

My best friends are Jaqeline, Rachel, Kaleena, Jamie, and Renee. My friends are Matthew, Erin, Doris, Arielle, and Donna.

Easter is this sunday were going to the Maxwell's house for an Easter egg hunt. We go to the Maxwell's house a lot.

I like to draw a lot and I LOVE to read.

I have one sister and one brother. My sister is 11 and she'll be 12 soon. My brother will be two on Feb. 23. I will be 10 in March. My sister Marian is nice SOMETIMES. My brother Theo is cute (No wonder, he's only one) but sometimes when he's up on the couch he steps on me. Sometimes he has shoes on and then it REALY hurts. Like today I was reading a library book. It was called THE SNOWBOUND MYSTERY from The Boxcar Children and all a sudden a foot (With a shoe on it) steped right into my face. I have

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