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Wherein our author propounds his religious beliefs, amazing all comers with his insight and wit...

The first thing I'd like to do is play with words. "Religion" and "faith" have technically different meanings to me. "Religion" is what people do to try to get on God's good side. Because it is what you do, religion is what we call "works-based;" that is, based on your "works" - what you do.

"Faith" is a very interesting word. Most people believe it means something like, "wishful thinking." But that isn't supported by either Webster, or the Christian Scriptures (which I affirm). Faith is more "substance" than "things hoped for;" more "evidence" than "things not seen." Faith isn't believing something that you hope is true even though there are no good reasons to believe it. Faith is conviction and assurance; both words that imply a reasoning soul.

So this is Eric Messelt's Faith page.

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